Smokie - I'll Meet You at Midnight текст

A summer evening on Les Champs Elyses A secret rendezvous they planned for days I see faces in the crowded cafe A sound of laughter as the music plays. Jeanne-Claude was student at the University Louise-Marie is just a world away He recall the night they met was warm with laughter The words and music as she turned away. Refrain: I'll meet you at midnight Under the moonlight I'll meet you at midnight Oh, but Jeanne-Claude, Louise-Marie will never be Each cigarette would light a thousand faces Each hour passing like a thousand years Midnight was turning into empty spaces The sound of laughter disappeared Refrain. A summer morning on Les Champs Elyses The empty table in the street cafe The sunlight melting through an open doorway Jeanne-Claude has left to face another day...

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